Consultation On Mass Times And Nominations For PPC


Fr. Michael thanks you very much for your generous and plentiful (146) responses to the recent consultation on Mass times and nominations to the Parish Pastoral Council (44 responses).

There were a couple of points which appeared on more than one response which Fr. Michael would wish to clarify, hopefully this is helpfulÉ


Firstly, the Saturday Vigil is a Sunday Mass. From our Jewish roots we have our concepts of ŇVigilÓ whereby important feast days and celebrations such as a Sunday begin at sunset the evening before. Hence we have a Sunday Vigil, Easter Vigil, Pentecost Vigil etc., etc. So not only does attendance at this Mass fulfil your Sunday obligation, it is actually Sunday.


Secondly, a choir is intended to support the singing of the congregation, not replace it. So when the choir are present – and we will now have an organist at the 10.30am Mass most Sundays – please join them in singing.

Although two people thought the reading out of the names was important, by far the majority of those who responded felt that to have their names in the Bulletin and to pray for them in the intercessions without naming them individually was better. So from the New Year we will no longer read out the names.  If you hand names in to the Parish House they will be printed and if you request Mass it will, of course, be celebrated for anniversaries etc.


As to Mass times, spread of Masses, local availability and other observations:


á      Fr. Michael has consulted with neighbouring parishes so that there is a spread of Mass times over the weekend.  Fr. Gerry McNellis in St MaryŐs has recently moved his Vigil Mass on a Saturday to 4.30pm (so there are now Vigils at 4.30pm, 5.00pm, 5.30pm and 6.00pm in the area).


á      We will keep our Sunday Morning Mass at 10.30am (there are 10.00am, 11.00am, 11.30am and 12noon in the area).


á      There were only 9 responses from the Sunday evening Mass consultation, all of whom indicated, that were this Mass not to be available, they would go to another Mass in St. ConvalŐs - except two. These said they would go to another Parish, one of whom is not actually resident in St. Conval's Parish.  Fr. David Cotter in St. AidanŐs in Johnstone, also has a Sunday evening Mass, he has agreed with Fr. Michael that having two sparsely attended (+ / - 50 Persons) Masses geographically so close is not a particularly good idea nor a wise use of resources, priests, people, heating and lighting. We will move therefore to share the responsibility of providing a Sunday Evening Mass together and the Sunday evening Mass will take place in St. AidanŐs each week at 6.00pm and be celebrated by either Fr. David or Fr. Michael. According to our consultation the Parish would lose only one member attending Mass here by this course of action.


Therefore, as from the weekend 2nd / 3rd January 2016 the Mass times at St. ConvalŐs will be Saturday Vigil at 5.30pm and Sunday Mass at 10.30am ONLY.


Fr. Michael has also approached those nominated for the Parish Pastoral Council. He will announce those names when and if the nominees accept and we will meet in the New Year. Please communicate with these, your representatives, as we seek together to build up the Parish community of St. Conval. Many thanks to those who have served the PPC in the past.



Fr. Michael McMahon

10th December 2015