Fr. Francis M. Flynn S.D.B.



Born: 10th January 1905


Died: 25th March 1976





Mary Morgan Flynn


Francis Morgan Flynn was born to Mary Flynn (nee Morgan) and John Flynn (Engineer) on 10th January 1905 at 37 Napier Street, Linwood.  His mum died when he was four years old and the eldest girl took on the role of mother until they married.



John Flynn


He was the second youngest of nine children and attended St. Convalís Primary School.  Unfortunately, there are no relatives who can confirm his secondary education but as he was a late vocation he probably worked, but as what, we do not know.


It was at a Forty Hoursí Adoration in St. Convalís, that he got his calling to the priesthood, having spent the entire day in the church.  Preparing to become a Salesian, he was educated at Glasgow University then Oxford, quite an achievement for a working class family of nine children.


In 1936, he was ordained in Turin, Italy as a Salesian and spent most of his life, as a teacher, in Battersea and Chertsey Salesian schools.  To commemorate his ordination two statues were donated to St. Convalís Church.


For a monthís holiday every summer, he returned to Linwood where he officiated at many family weddings, as well as being there to let the Linwood priests have a holiday.  The Linwood folk, of all religions, were very good to him and he always returned to his school with a load of money after his holiday.  The Rector of his school greatly appreciated their generosity, as it usually paid the food bills for several months.


Due to ill health, he returned to Linwood where he died on 25th March 1976 and is buried in Kilbarchan Cemetery.


Having been a teacher and laterally a Head Teacher, a befitting tribute hangs in the Head Teacherís office in St. Benedictís High School - a treasured Crucifix which he gave to his sister, Sarah, many years ago.


The selection of photographs shows different occasions that he attended as well as his lovely handwriting - always written in fountain pen.  As my Great Uncle, I remember him fondly and always looked forward to his visits in the summer holidays.


The Flynn family:- Left to right, youngest Bridget, Frank, Maggie, Sarah, Annie, Hugh,

Lizzie, (William - photo below) and Mary.


William emigrated to

Canada and never



Turin, Italy. 1930ís










His room in Battersea.






Laying the foundation stone.  We think this was at Chertsey College.







Officiating at his niece's wedding in 1953. Left to right, Margaret Keenan,

Marie Liney, Bill Cowan, Mary Keenan, Fr. Frank Flynn, Anne-Marie Sanderson

and Daniel Cowan.


Left to right :- Sadie McMenemy, Mick Campbell, Isobel McMenemy, Hugh OíRourke,

Fr. Frank Flynn, Francis Keenan.  Taken in 1944.




The Pastoral Council of St. Convalís Linwood are grateful to the late Fr. Flynnís niece Margaret McKenzie (nee Keenan) who remembered things her mum had told her and his great-niece Sandra Ross (nee Cowan) who compiled this article and submitted it for publication on this website.  (January 2012)